Online slots or online blackjack: which one will make you a millionaire faster?

Many gamblers have ditched real casinos to bet on their favourite games online. But one of the biggest questions that kept cropping up on the casino floor is still making punters scratch their heads when they log in to a virtual casino. What’s a better shout if you’re looking to win millions, a slot machine or the blackjack table?

Online blackjack has a lower house edge

First things first: if you’re serious about winning big, you need to get clued up on house edge. House edge is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s the edge the ‘house’ (or casino) has over the player. The lower the house edge, the better your chances of getting lucky.

Online blackjack boasts the lowest house edge of pretty much any virtual casino game, offering an average 1.5%. To put this into perspective, the average house edge of roulette is 2.5%; the average house edge of Caribbean stud poker is 5%; and the average house edge of Keno is a whopping 25%.

Slot games vary quite dramatically according to the specific game you choose to play, but you expect anything from a 2% to 10% house edge (the equivalent of a 90% to 98% RTP). You’d be hard pushed to find a slot game with a house edge as low as blackjack. This is particularly true if you implement a decent blackjack strategy.

Online slots or online blackjack: which one will make you a millionaire faster?

Unlike slot games, blackjack is not just a test of luck – it’s also a test of skill. Learn a good strategy (you’ll find plenty of free strategy guides available online), and you can get blackjack’s house edge down to as low as 0.5%. That’s sure to see you cash in more wins at the table, helping you on the way to realising those millionaire dreams.

Online slot games offer big jackpot prizes

But despite the higher house edge, you shouldn’t discount slot games just yet – particularly those of the progressive jackpot variety.

Online progressive jackpot slots (or ‘progressives’, as they’re also known) are attached to big jackpot prize pools. These get progressively bigger each time someone bets on the game, as a percentage of every player’s bet gets added to the pot.

Often, these jackpot prizes soar into the multi-millions. And if you’re lucky (we mean really lucky), you could win one of these multi-million-pound pots from just a single click of a progressive slot’s spin button.

Whilst we’ll admit these kinds of wins are rare, they do happen. Take the slot game Jackpot Giant for instance; it made one lucky slot player over £9 million richer earlier this year. And back in 2015, a single 25p spin of the progressive slot Mega Moolah paid out £13.2 million.

What’s the verdict then: blackjack or slots?

Obviously, the lower house edge means you can expect to get better returns on your bets over time playing blackjack. However, whilst slot games may not pay out as frequently, if you do get lucky on a slot it’s likely to be a much bigger cash prize – especially if you’re playing a progressive.

So, for those who dream of becoming a millionaire fast, we’d recommend trying your luck on online progressive jackpot slots over online blackjack. You’ll find hundreds of progressives available. Just take a browse through the game catalogue at any good online casino site.

Remember to gamble responsibility and we wish you the best of luck.